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Empowerment Modules

We invite the entire family to join us for the orientation meeting as it takes the commitment of every member to ensure the participant's success. Looking forward to meeting you all and answering any questions you may have!
Being Powerful with Your Health
Healthy, strong bodies are critical to
the success of every individual.  Learn tips to ensure you are incorporating
the kinds of eating and exercise habits that will strengthen you throughout life.
Being Powerful with
Your Money 
Earning money is something we all strive for, however it's even more important to make your money work for you.  Start building your financial future NOW, with the cost of buying a soda!
Being Powerful with Education Options and Giving Back to Others
This module will explore the many traditional, and non-traditional educational options that are available to you, as well as demonstrate the importance of giving back to your community.
Being Powerful by Developing Responsible Social Media Skills
Social media allows us to connect with old friends and make new friends.
There are also many dangers we need to be aware of.  Learn what they are and make your online experiences even better!
Being Powerful through Positive Self Esteem and Personal Boundary Setting 
Once we feel good about ourselves and realize no one does ME, better than ME, we will not allow others to pressure or bully us.  This module will teach you how!
Being Powerful with Good Etiquette & Social Interactions 
As we start our careers it becomes increasingly important to use correct etiquette and social interactions skills. You'll impress your friends and clients with the lessons learned!
Being Powerful with Negotiating Skills         & Self Presentation 
You'll be surprised at how many times you'll have to negotiate as an adult. Your boss, your colleagues and your clients.  We'll teach you how to present yourself to win, all the time!
Being Powerful by Effectively Managing Your Time 
Since none of us can gain more time, we will share tips that will help you manage the tasks you want  to complete each day, and enable you to achieve your goals more effectively.
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