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Empowering  Young Women with Essential Skills that Ensure Lifelong Success. 

If you're a 7th-9th grader, the prospect of high school and college may be a scary.     You may worry about feeling insignificant among thousands of students older

and more experienced than you, but it could all be different.  

The Future is Mine will prepare you with the kinds of powerful skills

many of your fellow students won't have and most importantly position

you for success as an adult.  Whether your goal is to be a stay-at-home mom

or the president of a major corporation, you will learn skills that will help you succeed.  The 10 week program is just for girls, just for YOU!          

To receive more information, please send us a note on the

Contact Us page.  We're excited to meet you! 

I love the computer and social media.  I never knew there were dangers in communicating virally with others my age.  I'm so glad The Future is Mine taught me how to be careful online! 

I'm not even sure if going to college is what I want to do.  The Future is Mine taught me about a lot of other options that fit my interests better.  It's exciting to know that there's something out there just for me! 

 The program was fun and I learned so many things that I know will help me in life.  I love earning money and now I know how to make it work for me too.  I can't wait to start saving and investing! 

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